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Abingdon Flooring 

Wilton Royal 

Wilton Royal is a range of high quality wool mix carpets. Abingdon flooring assure style and luxury with the classic collection of quality wool products. British wool has always stood as a market of quality making it look perfect in the modern home with its unmistakable look, combined with resilience and longevity, 

Royal Charter & Royal Charter Deluxe 

Royal Charter & Royal Charter Deluxe from Wilton Royal by Abingdon Flooring is essential for any home owner looking for longevity in a wool carpet. With it being a high quality yarn it blends a finer velvet finish for great value without compromising on the wools resilience and natural look. The Royal Charter Deluxe is 50oz compared to the Royal Charter which is 40oz. The 50oz provides extra weight to give greater resistance to flattening and compression. Both weights come in a wide selection of 22 colours ranging from elegant neutrals to bold shades making it an option for every room in your home. 

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