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Alternative Flooring 

Liberty Fabrics 

Liberty Fabrics has been creating original and inspiring designs for more than 130 years but, it is the first time their iconic patterns have been used in carpet.  With many of the designs originally created by William Morris it's the perfect blend of old and new.

Liberty Fabrics Capello Shell 

The Liberty London Capello Shell range offers both innovative and inspiring design with a feminine touch in the Capello Shell Coral design. The Capello Shell collection makes the perfect flooring for any room in your home and comes in the design Coral and Mist.

Cappello Coral .jpeg
Capello Mist .jpeg

Liberty Fabrics Strawberry Meadow  

Strawberry Meadows is the original and iconic design of the Quirky B Liberty Fabrics, available in both Peacock and Acanthus. The carpet is ideal for adding a touch of elegance to your home, with the peacock design being perfect to add a gorgeous bold colour to any room. 

Strawberry Meadow Peacock.jpeg
Strawberry Meadow Acanthus .jpeg

Liberty Fabrics Felix Raison 

The Quirky B Liberty Fabrics Felix Raison carpet is Eye - catching and beautiful. It is a bold and outstanding addition to any room in your home. 

Felix Raison .jpeg

Liberty Fabrics Flowers of Thorpe Summer Garden 

The Quirky B Liberty Fabrics Flowers of Thorpe Summer Garden is a bright and bold floral patterned carpet which would transform any room in your home.

Flowers of Thorpe Summer.jpeg
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