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Alternative Flooring 

Wool Carpets 

Wool is a natural fibre which makes it a natural insulator and inherently fire retardant. Wool carpet also has a natural bounce bankability while also feeling luxurious. 
Alternative Flooring have a wide range of Wool Carpets including Chunky Wool, Wool Berbers and Fine Wool. 

Chunky Wool Carpet 

Wool Croft Arran

Wool Croft 

Sink your toes into the chunky Wool Croft loop pile carpet. All 9 colours are available in store. 

Wool Knot .jpeg

Wool Knot 

The Wool Knot carpet is the perfect answer to introducing that cosy feeling into your home.

Wool Pebble .jpeg

Wool Pebble

The chunky look and feel of the Wool Pebble make it the ultimate cosy carpet to bring some additional warmth into your home 

Wool Berber 

Wool Berber .jpeg

Wool Berber 

The beautiful Wool Berber chunky loop carpet is both warm and welcoming and would compliment most interiors. 

Fine Wool 

Wool Iconic Chevron .jpeg

Wool Iconic Chevron 

The Wool Iconic Chevron is a patterned carpet which will add interest to any interior making it the perfect carpet for Stairs, Living rooms , Dinning rooms and Bedrooms.

Wool Iconic Stripe .jpeg

Wool Iconic Stripe

The Wool Iconic Stripe carpet is a beautiful and subtle striped carpet perfect for stairs. It is also available in a runner. 

Wool Iconic Herringbone.jpeg

Wool Iconic fine Herringbone

The Wool Iconic Fine Herringbone is a stunning flat woven wool carpet in an on trend herringbone design which would make the perfect addition to your home. 

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