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Alternative Flooring 

Ben Pentreath 

Ben Pentreath is one of the Uk's leading interior and architectural designers. 
He has two design studios in the hearth of London's Bloomsbury he works on a huge variety of buildings. Where he is renowned for his fresh approach to classical and traditional design by injecting a strong use of colour and pattern into his interiors. Ben's patterned carpet designs are both structural and contemporary 

Ben Pentreath Cube Soane 

Quirky B Ben Pentreath Cube Soane carpet adds a colourful twist to a classic geometric pattern. It will add both colour and interest to your home. 

Cube Soane.jpeg

Ben Pentreath Tetra Blomfield 

Quirky B Ben Pentreath Tetra Blomfield patterned carpet is a bold and contemporary. Which works perfectly in any room or alternatively can be made into a custom made rug. 

Tetra Blomfield.jpeg

Ben Pentreath Lattice Fletcher 

The stunning Quirky B Ben Pentreath Lattice Fletcher geometric patterned Axminister carpet is both hard wearing and versitile which makes it the ideal flooring for your home. 

Lattice Fletchet.jpeg
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