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Cormar Carpets 

Easy Clean 

Easy Clean carpets ranges are stain resistant, pet & family friendly making them the perfect carpet for throughout your home.Easy clean carpet ranges also come with a 10 year Stain & Wear Guarantee.

Inglewood Saxony 

Inglewood Saxony is the ultimate luxurious heavy weight carpet made from 100% Excellon polypropylene. Availble in a choice of 15 heather shades making sure there is one perfect to suit your home. Inglewood Saxony is non-fade, stain resistant and bleach cleanable. 

Primo Plus 

One of Cormar Carpets most successful easy clean carpet range. Primo Plus is stain resistant, bleach cleanable and comes with a 10-year Stain Warranty. Primo Plus comes in a range of 18 colour options which make it the perfect carpet for your home.

Primo Naturals 

Primo Naturals is a Bleach Cleanable, Easy - Clean 100% Excellon Polypropylene which is recognised for not only its stain resistance but also its hard wearing properties. Primo Naturals come in a choice of 13 beautiful tri-colour heather shades.

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