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Cormar Carpets 

Soft Deep Pile 

Cormar Carpets is the perfect cosy, luxurious and soft to tough carpet. The Soft Deep Pile carpet will help you create the ultimate haven which is made from 100% Luxelle Polypropylene which comes in a wide range of colours. Cormar's Soft Deep Pile carpets come with a 10 year stain warranty.


Cormar Carpets Sensation carpet is the nations favorite soft, deep pole heavyweight carpet. Sensation is ideal for every area of your home from stairs to bedrooms especially being dirt and stain resistant and bleach cleanable. Sensation comes in both Sensation Original and Sensation Feeling which is a lighter weight version of the carpet.

Apollo Comfort 

Apollo Comfort carpet is a new super soft Excellon Polypropylene fibre which provides that premium feeling but will a affordable price tag. Apollo Comfort also comes with a 10 year Stain and Wear Warranty.


Cormar Carpets Gemini is a heavyweight, hard wearing soft carpet, it is made with 100% Dura Polyester. Gemini is manufactured in a way to create a finer finish and denser pile surface.

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