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Alternative Flooring 

Margo Selby 

Margo Selby is a renowned British Artist & Designer. Her design philosophy is focused on pushing boundaries to create contemporary stylish designs. Using the best weavers and high quality fabrics to produce beautifully crafted products. 

Margo Selby created a patterned carpet design inspired by  collection of defected double weave cloths that have been hand-woven in Margo's studio. The uniformed design in her patterns reflect the structured nature of weaving making it an ideal choice for a geometric rug or carpet.

Quirky B Fair Isle  

Quirky B Fair Isle is a fun and colourful carpet which is perfect for any area of your home. The Fair Isle collection takes inspiration from a classic pattern and makes it into a unique design. This design is available in Annie, Sutton and Reiko.

Fair Isle Annie.jpeg
Fair Isle reiko.jpeg
Fair Isle Sutton.jpeg

Quirky B Ribbon 

Quirky B Ribbon is a bold and playful carpet which not only added pattern but colour to your home. It is available in both black and magenta. 

Margo Selby Ribbon Black .jpeg
Quirky B Ribbon Magenta .jpeg

Quirky B Button 

The beautiful design of the Quirky B Button would make the perfect addition to any room in your home as this carpet is not only bold is is extremely hard wearing and versatile. The Quirky B Button design comes in both Grey and Black 

Button Grey .jpeg
Button Black .jpeg

Quirky B Shuttle

The Quirky B Shuttle range offers both soothing natural tones, dark and light tones and bold and bright tones which create an explosion of colour. The tones of the Quirky B Shuttle carpet work perfectly together to create a unique and beautiful pattern. The Quirky B Shuttle comes in Jack, Silas and Peter.

Shuttle peter.jpeg
Shuttle Jack .jpeg
Shuttle Silas.jpeg
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