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Abingdon Flooring 

Stainfree Collection

Get stainfree protection against all food and drink stains with our Abingdon Floorings free lifetime guarantee. I is Abingdon Floorings original and best easy-clean carpet. All the stainfree carpets are manufactured in Britain using the lastest no stain technology. 

USA Collection 

The USA Collection brings a cool urban elegance to home interiors. The USA Collection is available in 4 different weights, Miami, Dallas, New York and Boston.
Miami, Dallas and New York all feature a exclusive soft fleece backing. Miami is the heaviest and most luxurious of the 4 followed by Dallas and then New York. Boston is the lightest of the 4 and comes with a felt or secondary backing. Available in a choice of 14 modern neutral colours all benefiting from the Stainfree for life guarantee


Maximus is a thick, dense and fantastically tough carpet which is perfect to handle all aspects of family life. Abingdon combined all features and colours of there best selling ranges to crete the perfect range of 15 colours to suit any home. 


One of the highly popular ranges by Abingdon Flooring Ultra carpet has got it all from both quality and feel. It comes in over 20 colours, everything from classic warm beige to modern grey and beautiful colourful pastels, making it an option for everyone. 


One of Abingdon floorings most popular carpet ranges Stainfree Twist which comes in a range of over 20 colour options. Wether you prefer the more traditional warm beige to modern grey or colourful pastels, Stainfree twist is guaranteed Stainfree for life and is a favourite amongst customers because of its quality and feel.